About Us

AL YASSRA Human Development and Consultancy is a national company which is committed to providing added value-contrast services and highly customized training solutions for our clients of all sectors of Kuwait. At AL YASSRA, we offer a unique range of management and organizational development options focused on the development of both interpersonal and technical skills.

The company was named after the traditional Kuwaiti term of “Al Yassra”. The term “Al Yassra” for Kuwaiti people means flat rocks on a long stretch along the coast, which are accessible to sitting, walking and fishing in contract to the rest of the coastal rocks known as Radam. As we aim to benefit the human being as the most important resource in the professional world, we have chosen to name our company “Al Yassra” being a haven for the human resources who opt to evolvement and desire professional development.

Company Statement

5 Star Service

You can choose the exact time that suits you best without having to fit into the schedule offered generally.

We Offer

  • Training to develop expertise
  • Consultancy to pinpoint areas where training can help
  • Practical and interactive materials to ensure learning is applied

Our Approach

We ensure that you maximise your return on investment in personal development through the most appropriate methods of training and development, scheduled at venues around the world, at a time that suits your needs.


  • Being professional and helpful to you at all times and in all situations
  • Listening to your needs and structuring solutions which meet them
  • Communicating effectively, irrespective of geography, distance, time or complexity
  • Establishing and maintaining a positive and rewarding client relationship
  • Providing a warm and friendly environment ensuring that the learning experience is first class

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